About us

Eleazar International is one of the leading Manufacturer, importer & distributer based in UAE dealing with PVC & Vinyl products for Impact protection Systems, Building materials, Traffic & parking lot safety products and a host of other ancillary products.

We take pride in our dynamic product portfolio and in providing professional services of the highest quality to its customers, which includes organizations in both industrial and commercial clusters. A brief about our portfolio of products is as below.

Building Materials

We provide high quality building products and accessories that are manufactured in the finest factories and facilities and brought to you exclusively by Eleazar. We offer you the following best in class products.

  • Corner / Wall Guards
  • PVC & Vinyl Products
  • Traffic & Safety Products
  • Solar Traffic Signs
  • Road Marking
  • Solar Power System
  • Cable Management System
  • Plastering Accessories

Impact Protection System

Impact protection System can found in Hospitals, Hotels, offices, Warehouses and colleges. Eleazer International dealing in variety of settings like Hand rails, Wall Guards, Corner Guards, Collision angle bead series choose from combinations of materials to match the protection level your environment requires. And our heavy duty bumpers and corner guards protect even the toughest areas.