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eleazar bollards

Eleazar International offers bollards in Stainless steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized steel, Wood, PVC…. etc.. Our bollards are offered in various finishes like mirror, satin finish etc. Our product offering also includes PAS 68, K4, K8, K12 crash rated fixed bollards that are available in standard & shallow foundations.

Traffic bollards are used to guide traffic toward appropriate areas while ensuring clear sight lines and allowing pedestrian access. They guide cars by creating roadway demarcation, or prevent access to restricted areas like bike lanes, public squares, and traffic islands. On roadways without curbs, they can be used to prevent vehicles straying from the street. Sometimes they are used in association with other traffic calming methods, like speed humps or one-way streets, to prevent vehicles from attempting to avoid other traffic management elements

Fixed Bollards

The surface mounted fixed bollards can be used for areas like traffic control, Landscapes, car park, escalator …etc. Fixed bollards protect buildings and equipment while adding to the overall aesthetic of the facility

Cast in types fixed bollards used to protect fire hydrant and electrical panel, also where the traffic to be controlled near shopping mall , bus and train stations or government buildings.

Crash rated fixed bollards protect people, public spaces and property from undesired contact with vehicles , whether accidental or deliberate. The crash rated bollards are designed for the safety of pedestrian on accident prone areas and public places. These bollards are with the deep foundation minimum of 400 mm

There are Shallow mounted crash rated bollards also available with less foundation depth minimum of 300 mm .

The client required the bollard, to be surface mounted, and with no complicated installation, Just a simple install solution :- This new design is light weight single bollard that can be fitted straight onto an existing concrete surface without having to dig up the existing surface and will still give you the full protection of 7.2 ton vehicle travelling at 30 mph or 48 kph at 90 degrees without the cost and inconvenience of digging up the roadway or footpath. It can be a stand-alone single unit or a row of bollards. ‘No heavy plant is needed’ to install. The bollards are delivered on break down kits and can be built up on site and fitted with a two-man team.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards allow occasional vehicle traffic without sacrificing security.

Surface mounted removable bollards do not require excavation as it bolted on the surface. Available with or without locking system. These bollards are easy handling and available in various designs.

Removable bollards are also available with base sleeve with safety flap. Where there’s provision of excavations. These bollards available in various types of locking system including pad locks.

Fold down bollards

The surface mounted fold down bollards generally using in car parks to reserve. The excavation not required for these type of bollards. Available in mild steel and stainless steel with locking system.

Semi automatic and Retractable

type bollards also available in various models and designs.

Flexible Bollards

Flexible bollards are designed to do no damage to vehicles that hit them.

Polyurethane bends on impact with little injury to either car or bollard, popping back up after the vehicle moves away. These flexible posts are often found in parking lots, used as parking stall poles or guiding traffic. Clipping one will tell a driver to get back into position, but will otherwise not slow or stop the car. They are occasionally used on medians or as lane delimiters.

Knock-down or rebounding versions are not flexible in the bollard body but rather sit on flexible bases. The post is often made of hard high-visibility plastic and is designed to be easily replaced if damaged by vehicle strike. They’re often used as lane delineators on highways or other heavy traffic areas.

The flexible bollards / delineators are available with High performance plastic , TPU and specially formulated materials. in the event of a collision, if its maximum flexibility point is not exceeded, the bollard will go back to its original position, without losing its shape or form. If the point of maximum flexibility is exceeded, this bollard won’t break as if it was made from conventional plastic, iron or cast iron. This peculiar quality makes it an economic and durable option.

In many landscapes and properties, decorative bollards are used to define distinct pedestrian areas. A line of them around a building may define its perimeter and add architectural flair. Perimeters can also be made around a playground or park, allowing easy access but discouraging its use as a throughway. When linked with chain, bollards can encourage pedestrians to stay on marked paths, without forming a closed barrier that prevents all crossing. Lighted versions illuminate pedestrian pathways at night. Solar powered lighting is becoming the most frequently used form of lighting bollard, since each unit functions on its own with very little maintenance

On roadway construction zones, temporary posts are often placed to define and protect the work area from traffic. These delimiters are usually made of flexible brightly colored plastic ringed in reflective tape, and sit on removable rubber bases. They are usually spaced closely, to provide a continual visual edge to the oncoming traffic.

Security bollards are also visual guides to pedestrians and traffic, but are additionally built to resist vehicle impact. These are often made of steel and filled with concrete, but can be decorated with a fine finish or a cover. In general, the local substrate and installation are essential parts of impact resistance: a strong bollard set poorly will offer little resistance. Engineering oversight is therefore essential. Different applications will also have different impact resistance needs

Playgrounds near parking lots, parks beside sharp bends in the road, outdoor patios by busy roadways: these are just some of the places that security bollards might help prevent an accident from becoming a tragedy. Steel-and-concrete is available in a variety of widths that should be matched to the vehicle speeds and distance of pedestrian zone to roadway. They are usually covered with sleeves or covers for corrosion protection and attractiveness.

Safety bollards are often installed in front of vulnerable building components to minimize damage in the event of an accident. They are not usually designed with the idea there will be purposeful attack against them, so are often specified with suggested diameters of steel pipe to be filled with concrete. In some jurisdictions, vulnerable gas or water meters are required to have security bollards in bright colors installed as barrier posts around them. They are also often placed in front of vulnerable or historical architectural features close to traffic to protect against accident. They are not used for places likely to attract attack

Bollards powered by solar panel or set onto an electrical grid can be installed to provide light along pedestrian pathways. Vehicle traffic posts are not generally illuminated, since bollard height is too short to light a large enough area, but reflective surfaces are common in traffic specific applications.